Art to wear.

You don't hang up a painting for one day a year, right? You don't need to wait for a special occasion to display beautiful jewelry. Our handcrafted bracelets are elegant and unique conversation pieces. You can ask anyone about our various colors or styles and you'll always hear something different. So far, we've heard: amazing, awesome, magnificent, exquisite, stunning, beautiful... (Were they talking about us or our jewelry?)

Gold and White “star” shape Pearls Bracelet

Gold and White “star” shape Pearls BraceletView More ›

Emeralds, Pearls, Sterling Silver

Emeralds, Pearls, Sterling SilverView More ›

Pearl Kiss

Pearl KissView More ›


ChicView More ›

Tutti Fruiti

Tutti FruitiView More ›

Spare Change

Spare ChangeView More ›


ButterflyView More ›


PomegranateView More ›

All That Jazz

All That JazzView More ›

It’s A Wrap

It’s A WrapView More ›


LondonView More ›

Pennies for your thoughts

Pennies for your thoughtsView More ›

Picket Fence

Picket FenceView More ›

Moon Glow

Moon GlowView More ›